Bringing business to life for families


To families, going out is all about entertaining the kids and making memories. Most parents would love to know that you will take care of everything in an engaging and fun way.

To help bring your business to life for families, think about the authentic story you could narrate to each group if you could give them a personal tour. How do you think this story could best be interpreted? A picture, a map, or an activity worksheet, or similar shared, portable learning tool will help to build family conversations, and gives your brand a standout message.

To inspire your customers to love your attraction, to help make that connection with you, and build memories they will share, look for the disconnect with your audience; the place where visitor comprehension sometimes becomes a little muddled. Communicate your story more clearly, to imaginatively bring your vision to life in a strategic yet fun way. This will help encourage visitor loyalty and guests will feel more confident in their planning and spending choices with you too. Restructuring your story is like planting magic beans; adding clarity, personalisation and competitive standout to inspire your customers to relax and use your site to its full potential.

Colour Heroes are experts at bringing visitor experiences to life in the tourism, heritage, catering and leisure sectors throughout the UK. Products include children’s activity sheets and books, activity packs and bags, exploration trails, site maps and visitor guides, created from concept through to completion.

Founder Lorraine Bentley has spent 20 years creating playfully strategic, bespoke, education and interpretation resources that have long helped to distract children, and engage visitors with a brand’s story, centred around historical learning, exploration tips, teaching aids, or enticing healthy eating messages.

By focusing on these often overlooked or hurried communication steps, the team at Colour Heroes research themes, characters, and content to add authenticity and fun into their clients’ stories. After all, every parent knows – distract the kids, point out interesting things to them, add some fun to their visit, and see them begin to engage with wide-eyed wonder to build memories for the whole family group to look back on.

The key is creating resources that are on-trend to grab a child’s attention, using content with a BIG emphasis on fun, including fresh and educational activities. This hooks visitors into a business’s story or theme, beginning a family conversation about a site which lasts long after the visit has ended. Colour Heroes focus on cost-effective, multilayered, targeted, and easy to refresh resources that work for children, and inspire generations to build memories around the love of your brand.

So consider redefining your unique and authentic business to your customers, especially children, using innovative images, illustration, crafted content, and characters, then combine this with heritage resources, activity sheets, exploration maps, and other hints. Your standout product should translate complicated subjects and capture the imagination and attention of children, even when you can’t communicate face-to-face with every visitor, to tell your story and scatter the breadcrumbs to involve families with the fun and education in your story.

Interpretation and engagement tools are your invisible team member. Avoid being too functional in your communications, in our experience this builds brand warmth and customer satisfaction, giving parents confidence to explore the site with their children.

If you take the time to improve your business storytelling skills and work smarter in the ways you deliver those messages, you could achieve greater standout in a crowded marketplace, a reputation for delivering a fun, distracting and engaging experience, and ensure families return to your site regularly. With a little planning, you can turn your existing assets into engaging and memorable collateral on a budget. Developing unique memories your customers will share could be the difference between your business surviving and thriving.

Rachel Dawson-Smith, Key Account Development Manager

Jay Heaviside